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On around 4,200 square metres of exhibition space, the LWL Museum for Natural History shows a wide variety of exhibitions on global topics and regional nature. In addition to the permanent exhibitions, you can also discover the changing special and picture exhibitions. All exhibitions are suitable for people with disabilities. All museum areas are barrier-free and accessible for people with reduced mobility.
The exhibition's contents can be experienced in different ways. The topics are described in comprehensible texts and the films have subtitles. There are also various stations to try out for yourself. Experience the varied exhibitions with all your senses. The 3,500 square meter museum courtyard offers even more attractions.

Of coming and going

Westphalian biodiversity in transition
(Original title: Vom Kommen und Gehen - Westfälische Artenvielfalt im Wandel)
National exhibition

Experience the comings and goings of animals and plants in Westphalia on a journey through time.

Westphalian species caravan with mammoth. Photo: LWL/Steinweg


The primeval times are alive!
(Original title: Dinosaurier - Die Urzeit lebt!)
Permanent exhibition

Discover lifelike reconstructions and unique skeletons of dinosaurs.

Velociraptor. Photo: LWL/Oblonczyk

All-rounder forest

(Original title: Alleskönner Wald)
Special exhibition since 06/25/2021

Immerse yourself in the small and big secrets about the all-rounder forest and discover typical and rare inhabitants of our green lung.

Forest in Baumberge. Photo: LWL/Steinweg

Preview! The Climate

Special exhibition from 06/15/2022

The climate - it shapes us and our planet Earth. It's complex and changing. It can create life or end it. Discover the world of climate research with us.

Glacier. Photo: Jan Ole Kriegs