Bistro – Café – Restaurant

Bistro Tafelschmitz

Pressing the elevator´s button or going up the stairs of a broad stairway is the distance between our exhibitions and Café. Up to 80 persons can take a seat there from Tuesday to Sunday between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. Overlooking the exhibition hall and the amply foyer while enjoying the freshly made dishes from the well-known “Schlemmerfleischerei Kortmann” (sybarite butchery Kortmann). Gettable are warm and cold beverages, Landois-Breakfast, changing lunch specials as well as little menus for children or coffee and cake. Café Landois can be booked for a festivity.

For further information please call +49.251.591-6071 from Tuesday to Sunday.

Museum Shop

Museum Shop: Gifts, Pictures, Books

The large Museum Shop in the foyer is open from Tuesday to Sunday between
10 a.m. and 6 p.m. Among literature related to our exhibitions and astronomical literature related to the planetarium and its shows, the shop offers a wide range of products, e.g. minerals, fossils, postcards, posters, mementos of good value for the young and the young at heart, jewelry, DVDs and others.

For further information please call +49.251.591-6040 from Tuesday to Sunday.

Kids in museum

Kids in museum & Paedagogic programmms

The broad ways in the museum and planetarium enable families with children and pushchairs an open access to all exhibition areas. Lockers for bags and other items are available in the museum´s foyer. In a specially declared area kids and their parents can have a break and consume some brought beverages and sandwiches.

Paedagogic programs for kids are offered for different ages. All programs can be booked for birthday parties.

For further information please call +49.251.591-05 from Tuesday to Friday.


Space on offer – Letting – Catering

Tasty food during an evening event under a dinosaur´s skeleton, coffee and cake in the Indians´ Exhibition, giving celebratory speeches and celebrating jubilees in the planetarium under the starlit sky, offering a buffet around the digital projector for the stars…we are the right partner for you. We enable an unforgettable setting for your event.

The LWL-Museum of Natural History has different rooms at its disposal which can be booked for different events like conferences, jubilees or private parties: 260 persons can take a seat in the planetarium. In the amply foyer and different exhibition areas are a large function and conference room for about 40 people as well as a smaller conference room for about 20 people available.

For further information please call +49.251.591-6013 from Monday to Friday.