LWL-Planetarium Münster

Relax and check out the stars during midday? It is quite possible at the planetarium in Münster. Founded in 1981, the large sized planetarium of the Regional Association of Westphalia-Lippe (LWL) is located in the heart of the LWL-Museum of Natural History at the Aasee.

What is a planetarium?

Space-wise the planetarium is a large, circular, windowless room. The ceiling is a round copula. The planetarium is sort of a “star theater”. Like in a movie theater various shows are presented. But the shows here are not featuring the stars of Hollywood, but the stars of the night sky.  

A realistic reproduction of the night sky

A planetarium is not an observatory from which you can see the real night sky through a telescope. Instead of that, you will sit down in a comfortable, rotating chair in the planetarium showroom. Above you will see a realistically reproduced night sky. This is the stage on which the shows of the planetarium will be displayed: Planets, stars, suns and galaxies appear above the viewers’ heads. The celestial bodies are the protagonists of the planetarium shows.

Independent of weather and time of day

Because the night sky is artificially reproduced, the planetarium shows take place independently of weather and time of day: Even with pouring rain or bright sunshine outside, the planetarium presents the miracle of the night sky. And because the showroom is air-conditioned, it will be nice and cool in the summer.

An ocean of stars

The realistic reproduction of the night sky in the planetarium shows even more details than the real night sky. In comparison to the big cities, which are often suffering from light pollution (streetlights for example make the stars less visible), the planetarium sky appears as a pitch dark ocean of stars - almost impossible to see in Germany.

Travel through time and space

The movement of the sun, the moon and the stars can be watched in fast forward mode, making it possible to view and comprehend the events that usually happen in many days or even years in just a few minutes. The visitor will experience far away stardust and galaxies comparable to the view from the window of an up close starship. It is almost like traveling into the depths of the universe and exploring the planets.

A unique site for unique experiences

Attending an event in the Planetarium, no matter if it is an astronomical children’s or adult program or just a reading, should be mandatory. Because only if you have seen it, you will be able understand what a Planetarium is: A unique site which offers unique experiences!
Come and join us on our journey, where we say: lights off –stars on!
The sharpest planetarium in Europe is located in Münster. It was originally opened in 1981. It is one of very few large planetariums in Germany and has a dome-size of 20 meters and seats for 260 people. The planetarium was recently modernized and has the sharpest digital resolution in Europe. Visitors get to see the brand-new and breathtaking programs and all the best planetariums have to offer in full-dome technology. Below you can read more exciting information on our new projector.
The planetarium is located in the heart of the LWL-Museum of Natural History. Here you can explore planets, stars and astronomical events right from our comfortable, rotating armchairs. You can take trips through the Universe, explore constellations, take a stroll on the moon and get introduced to the unbelievable expansions of the universe. In other words: There is a lot to discover!