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Visit fascinating special exhibitions like “The Brain” in the LWL-Museum of Natural History in Münster.

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Take a look in the head of your counterpart. Learn what's going on, how to shape a personality, how to make feelings, or how to make plans.
Learn more about your brain and this fascinating organ.
See the new special exhibition "The Brain - Intelligence, Awareness, Feeling", which the Landschaftsverband Westfalen-Lippe (LWL) shows in its LWL-Museum of Natural History in Münster. From 29.06.2018 to 27.10.2019, visitors can explore this special organ in Germany's largest special exhibition on the topic "The Brain".

On 1,200 square meters, the museum guests learn facts on topics such as sensory perception, ego awareness or behavioral control. Anatomy and evolution of the human brain are explained in a multifaceted and suitable for all age groups, questions about Artificial Intelligence
and answered to the wildlife.

The 13 themes of the exhibition show the power and diversity of the brain. Through 770 exhibits interesting facts about the achievements and the development of this complex organ or about brain research are taught. The show makers Nicola Holm and Dr. Julia Massier together with curator Lisa Klepfer under the direction of museum director Dr. Jan Ole Kriegs gathered and staged.

The exhibition is equally suitable for people with and without disabilities thanks to Braille, a multilingual audio guide (D, E, NL) with audio description, tactile models and subtitled films. All exhibition areas are accessible to disabled and families with prams.

Accompanying the exhibition there are educational programs for children and adolescents from kindergarten to upper secondary level, guided tours for adults, workshop afternoons, lectures and literary tours. An accompanying book and an audio book on the exhibition will be published later in the summer.