Welcome to the Field Office “Heiliges Meer”

Tracking Nature!

The LWL-Museum of Natural History runs a field office right along the borders of the nature reserve “Heiliges Meer” that was founded in 1930. Here classes are offered the whole year round for all natural science enthusiasts. Participants explore the reserve, use the classrooms, and stay overnight and eat on location. A laboratory is equipped to do simple water analysis and biological tests.

Experience nature. The nature reserve is the home of over 1,140 kinds of bugs species, 240 kinds of spiders and 190 different kinds of birds.
The specific geological base of this area has lead to the development of numerous sinkhole lakes. The natural conditions are therefore favorable for various course topics and scientific tests. On about 100ha the nature reserve gives the opportunity to observe natural ecosystems such as lakes, ponds, woods as well as elements of historical cultural landscapes, for example heaths and damp grasslands.

The field office “Heiliges Meer” is a member of the network of Biological Stations in Germany www.netzbiol.de  


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