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the LWL-Museum of Natural History in Münster with its Planetarium, the Field Office “Heiliges Meer” and the Paleontological Ground Monument Conservation.

Experience culture, astronomy and nature in a stress-free way at the LWL-Museum of Natural History in Münster – the only Natural History Museum that includes a large sized planetarium. Come visit the sharpest planetarium in Europe, with the best digital resolution anywhere.

Located right next to the Aasee the state museum and its planetarium have a lot to offer: comfortable journeys to unknown cultures, exciting time-travels that happen in a split second, and fascinating excursions into the eternity of the universe.


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LWL-Museum of Natural History
Westphalian State Museum and Planetarium
Sentruper Str. 285 | D-48161 Münster (Westph.)
Opening Times: Tuesday-Sunday 9am-6pm
Phone +49.251.591-05 | Fax +49.251.591-6098